Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training:

We don’t just point you in the right direction. We take you there! Our nationally certified personal trainers provide you with a constantly evolving and proven path to your fitness goals. You will learn a customized program with a variety of techniques that will help you incorporate exercise into your daily life and make it an important part of your new active lifestyle. Private training is available in our Boot Camp room, or join a small-group training class.

Partner with one of our trainers and benefit:

  • Learn correct exercise techniques
  • Gain motivation and build confidence
  • Learn safe methods for exercising after suffering from an injury or a medical condition
  • Shatter plateaus and get faster results
  • Learn effective routines to lose body fat
  • Get assistance when training for a special event

MedF.I.T. (Functional Interval Training):

Get results FAST! GUARANTEED! Our small group training program offers the newest technology and fitness programming that has revolutionized the industry to get you results fast. Enjoy training by our certified coaches, combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a group to help push you to the next level. Our classes incorporate TRX, Kettlebell, and Boot Camp training. Classes are held on the main floor and in our private studio.

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Our Personal Trainers

Sue Heins

National Personal Training Institute, Certified Personal Trainer
An All-American collegiate soccer player, Sue has been an athlete her whole life. Her passion for helping and teaching others about fitness led her to become a successful college coach for several years. After graduating from NPTI, Sue returned as an instructor, helping other students become certified. Sue is now one of the owners of this region’s National Personal Training Institute! When Sue is not at NPTI teaching others about personal training, she can be found at Medford Fitness training clients. Her training styles include sport-specific, weight loss, corrective exercise, and rehabilitation. Her specialty is simply to get you to your goal!


The American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, specializing in Strength and conditioning, Red Cross certified in AED/CPR and Zumba
Judy Baran is recognized as one of the leading Personal Training Professionals in the health club industry. She is the former owner of Endurance Fitness in Southampton, NJ and has experience working with a wide variety of clients throughout her career. Judy’s prime focus has always been weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and endurance training. She has an absolute commitment to helping people reach their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Judy’s love for fitness started about 19 years ago doing group exercise classes, Shotokan Karate and weight training. In 1997 she started taking Health & Wellness classes at Camden County College and soon after obtained her certifications.

When asked what makes Judy’s workouts more effective than many others, she attributed it to invaluable teamwork. “My workouts are intense, but there is strength in numbers. One day I put together a group workout and saw how people thrived in an atmosphere where they are able to motivate others while being motivated. As a result, I structured a program that marries personal training with camaraderie. With the encouragement and momentum that we build as a team, even the toughest workouts that push each person to their personal limit becomes ‘do-able’ and something to take pride in”. Her programs combine a wide range of functional movements that increase stamina, flexibility and strength which proves to be beneficial to all fitness levels.

It is her passion to motivate you, ability to challenge you and her sensitivity to your specific needs that ultimately produces results. Judy has persevered through a broken femur and is aware of the insecurities that hold people back from their potential, but believes in her heart that we all can overcome setbacks. Today, she is an avid runner happily sprinting through the life that she took back with her two beautiful daughters and her grandson. Judy loves to inspire and her passion for helping others reach their fitness lifestyle goals makes her the perfect person to assist you in choosing a trainer that fits your individual needs.

Eric Barner

American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
Eric has lived an active lifestyle his entire life. According to Eric, the beauty of growing up with 5 brothers is that he always had someone to play sports with, which kept him outside. Although he played many sports growing up, his passion became the sport of football. During high school, Eric was chosen to play offensive lineman for his school’s football team. Eric started off his freshman year weighing 185 pounds, but once he decided to commit to his football team and his position as a lineman, he started focusing on weight gain. By his junior year, he was 25 pounds heavier and was a starting lineman on his school’s varsity team. With strength and conditioning being a major part of the football program, Eric soon fell in love with lifting weights. Eric’s interest in fitness started after his senior year football season was over because he wanted to shed the fat he gained over the years. Starting at 210 pounds, Eric was able to get back down to 185 pounds in just 3 months. That accomplishment motivated Eric to start his journey with a career in the fitness industry. Eric has an incredible amount of knowledge of the human anatomy and how exercise benefits the body. Whether it’s building muscle, strength, or simply losing body fat, Eric will get you to your goal.

John Rachford

National Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA)
John has been involved in personal training since 2009. He has worked with many individual clients as well as high school sports teams, teaching the fundamentals of health, conditioning, and wellness. One of John’s former clients was basketball legend Ed Pinckney, who assisted the Villanova Wildcats in winning the 1985 National Championship. John also has an impressive athletic background, as he was a starting offensive lineman for the Miami Hurricanes and proudly wore their varsity letter during his four years of college. In 2008, John was asked to try out for the NFL and peaked the interest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Through his rigorous training to become a professional athlete, John has learned that there are great rewards of incorporating a solid training program into your lifestyle. While John’s expertise lies in athletic training, his talent does not end there. John is well versed in exercise science and can help people achieve success regardless of their fitness level or goals.

Maureen Brunetti

AAAI/ISMA certified personal trainer Red cross CPR/AED certified OCB Natural bodybuilding open class, 5th place Various 5k and 10k runs 10 k mud run, McGuire /ft dix afb
Maureen has been an athlete all her life. Her passion for sports and fitness began at an early age and continued through high school participating in varsity track all 4 years. Throughout her life, Maureen continued to challenge herself in several 5 and 10 k races including a 10 k mud run.
Maureen has been dedicated to nutrition and strength training as well as cross training and weight lifting for many years. Although Maureen is well versed in several aspects of fitness, her expertise is in teaching the science of proper form and technique.
Maureen met her greatest physical challenge training and competing in a figure bodybuilding competition in 2012, and after 5 months of vigorous training and strict dieting, placing 5th overall in her age class has become her claim to fame.
Maureen enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, but more importantly she loves the opportunity to share her professional knowledge and experiences with others. Maureen genuinely has ability to truly make real connections with her clients and is dedicated to guide them and help them achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

Denise Rizzitello

American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer
Denise has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. She has trained a wide range of age groups, from children to older adults and people with special needs. She had her own personal training business for 12 years and has been working in this club for more than eight years. She prides herself on making real connections with her clients and helping them to meet and maintain their goals.

Susan Grose

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
Susan Grose was born and raised in Mt. Laurel and attended Lenape High School and Glassboro State College. The youngest of four girls whose father was a standout college football player at the University of Pittsburgh, Susan has been active in sports and fitness her entire life. As a certified NASM personal trainer, she enjoys working with clients of all levels of fitness and specializes in designing programs that specifically focus on the client’s needs and interests.

Zach Oeser

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Zach’s strong passion for fitness started at an early age. Although he played many youth sports including soccer, baseball and football, he was still overweight going into middle school when he decided to set a goal and make a change. From the age of 14, Zach began to self-educate himself on diet and exercise and slowly gained the knowledge and skills to achieve a great level of fitness. By age 20, fitness had become such an important part of his life that he decided he wanted to start a career in the fitness industry. Zach believes the goal of a personal trainer is to give clients the knowledge it took him years of trial and error to learn on his own and put them on the most direct path to their goals.

Zach looks forward to training anyone who has made the decision to make a change for a healthier lifestyle or just simply to get stronger. He also understands the struggles of people with dietary restrictions that include gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance as he has these restrictions as well. No matter your goals, Zach would take a lot of pride in helping you achieve them.

Lee Ann McLoughlin

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training; Certified Personal Trainer, National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia, PA
Lee Ann's career in Athletic Training started at Society Hill Physical Therapy, currently know as Excel Physical Therapy. She worked as an ATC in Philadelphia, PA for Jefferson University, Freedom Soccer Team, Phialdanco & University of The Arts, Community College of

She is a prominent figure in the South Jersey Lacrosse Community working with recreational & competitive programs. She's a partner with SJQL Fall Brawl Lacrosse League for Boys in Moorestown, NJ. She's an avid runner completing 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and three

Lee Ann lives in Medford Lakes, NJ with family, mother of two wonderful children, both pursuing academic & athletic lacrosse careers in college.
She enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering for school & community events & programs. She truly enjoys training those who desire to improve their health & well-being. Lee Ann loves to pass on the knowledge & experience she has learned over the years to her clients.

My doctor said my health issues were from weight gain. A personal trainer at Medford Fitness helped me lose the weight and literally saved my life.

- Karen M.

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