Swimming Program

Make a Splash at Medford Fitness!

Our 25-yard indoor heated pool offers an award-winning swimming program along with water exercise classes, lap swimming, and a relaxing hot tub.

Private lessons are available daily and run for 20 minutes. Prorated rates available for late registrations. See Below for Current Swim Program.

Group lessons are 30 minutes and let participants of all ages discover the pleasures and benefits of swimming at their own pace. Maximum of six children per class (except Tadpoles).

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Swim Program

  • Tadpoles (ideally for children 6 months to 3 years)
    This class directs the parent/guardian to help develop the child’s confidence and independence in the water. Safety and water entries will be taught; kicking, paddling, and bubble blowing will also be introduced.
  • Minnows (ideally for children 3 to 5 years)
    Children will be introduced to water adjustment skills, such as putting their face and ears in the water, proper floating and kicking, and water safety.
  • Guppies (ideally 6 to 10 years)
    Skills introduced in this class include independent floating, breath holding, and water safety. Children will be introduced to rhythmic breathing, beginning diving, and beginner strokes.
  • Sharks (ideally for children ages 10 & above)
    This class is for the adolescent through young adult swimmer and will teach proficiency in both the freestyle and backstroke. In addition, the butterfly and breaststroke will be introduced.
  • Competitive Swim Program
    Medford Fitness is home to the Wave Swim Team. Our competitive program runs year-round and offers four sessions per year. Our team offers a flexible schedule with practices from one to six days per week. Swimmers are permitted to make up missed practices during the current swim session. Swim meets are optional.
  • Pre-Team/Beginner
    This class is for the young swimmer with limited competitive experience. The swimmer should be able to perform basic rhythmic breathing. This group emphasizes basic stroke mechanics, diving, team dynamics, and light conditioning.
  • Ripples
    The focus in this group is stroke technique, turns, finishes, and physical conditioning.
  • Surfs
    This advanced-level group emphasizes stroke techniques, racing tactics, and endurance training.
  • Mavericks
    This program is for the committed swimmer and promotes racing strategies, readiness, and physical conditioning.
  • High School & Summer Swim Team Warm-Ups:
    This program will allow children who plan on joining their school’s annual or summer swim team to perfect dives and flip turns, learn proper stroke mechanics and skills, and develop the proper mental and physical attributes to give a competitive edge. Swimmers may choose to swim one to four days a week.
  • Swim Camp (approx. 6 to 18 years):
    This competitive swimming program focuses on four main strokes, with additional attention paid to starts, turns, endurance, nutrition, race strategies and more. Call us for details.
  • USA Masters/Triathlete:
    This program is for the adult swimmer who wishes to train in a disciplined and structured racing-type environment.
  • Water Exercise Classes:
    Get fit in the water, without straining your joints. Click here for our current class schedule.

After a near drowning incident, I enrolled my kids in swimming lessons at Medford Fitness. They learned how to swim and loved their instructors so much they are now winning medals on the Medford Fitness Swim Team.

- Donna L.

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