Jayne Cravens

Jayne Cravens

Gym Manager/Personal Trainer


My journey to fitness started a little bit later in life. The idea of working out while I was busy raising little kids was not at all appealing. However, in my late 30s I felt run down and always tired so I joined Medford Fitness and began taking classes. It changed my life! About a year in, with the encouragement from the director of Group Exercise, I decided to become a group ex instructor. I taught cardio, kickboxing, strength and spin classes. After 3 years of group ex, I became certified as a personal trainer through ISSA. I continue to teach group ex classes as well as individually train clients, coach biggest loser challenges, and lead small group training sessions. I also assist in the Kids Sports program in hopes of inspiring children to be active from an early age. Above all, I love helping people feel good about themselves – especially helping people feel stronger!

“The journey to being fit is not easy, but I believe you can do hard things.”

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