Start Your Exercise Routine Today to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain Before it Strikes

Ah, the holiday season. The scent of pine, the glow of twinkling lights, time spent laughing with
loved ones. Creamy mashed potatoes. Spiced pumpkin pie. Crisp Wine. Homebaked cookies. Oh, the cookies – irresistible, gooey, mouthwatering cookies.

And then there’s the weight gain – those pesky pounds that sneak up in December and overstay
their welcome through the New Year. It’s not in your imagination either. Holiday weight gain is real, and once the pounds arrive, they’re hard to shake.

In 2016, researchers from three countries – the United States, Finland, and France – tracked holiday weight gain in 2,924 participants using wireless scales. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, reported that participants gained a significant amount of weight in the ten days that followed Christmas as well as during other holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter.

For half of the participants, the additional weight persisted through summer.

Most people neglect healthy habits during the holiday season and then resolve to lose the pounds once the new year arrives. The result is a booming business for gyms during the month of January.

But what if there’s a better way? As with many health issues, prevention is the key to a healthy
physique. In the words of the researchers who studied holiday weight gain, “the less one gains, the less one then has to worry about trying to lose it.”

If you’re new to exercise, learning a new routine can be more challenging when the gym is crowded. To avoid the added stress of trying to locate equipment during the January rush, join
the gym in November or December before everyone else arrives.

In addition to weight loss, physical exercise can lower stress levels too. We all know how hectic the holidays can get. Shopping for everyone on your list, prepping your home for guests, and cooking to feed a crowd can be a lot to manage. Fortunately, by taking some time for aerobic exercise, you’ll be better able to handle whatever life throws your way.

By starting an exercise program before the holidays arrive, you can:
● kickstart your healthy exercise habit
● prevent weight gain during the holiday season
● beat the January gym crowds
● reduce holiday stress through exercise

Everyone deserves to relax and enjoy the holidays – and even to savor the tastes of the holiday season. You don’t need to crash diet or avoid treats altogether. As with any other time of the year, moderation – together with a healthy exercise routine – is key to healthy living during the holidays.

Our expert, friendly personal trainers here at Medford Fitness are ready to help you kickstart your fitness goals. Beat everyone else to the gym before the holidays arrive – and prevent weight gain before it starts. Whether you’re looking to prevent weight gain, lose weight, or just reduce your stress levels, reach out to one of our trainers by calling (609) 654-1440 today.