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A study published last year revealed a dismal reality: American families with school-aged children spend only about 37 minutes together each day. Mounting pressures at work and school have contributed to this alarming loss of bonding time. As parents have to spend an increasing number of hours at work, children are likewise burdened with more homework and school activities than ever before.

Children need time with their families. When parents bond with kids, they can model healthy habits that will benefit them throughout the lifespan. Shared activities can help kids develop a sense of belonging that builds trust between family members. A sense of family belonging can also help children build resilience in the face of the inevitable life stresses they’ll face. 

About 55% of parents in the same study also reported a need for things to do together as a family. At Medford Fitness, we recognize the need for family time. That’s why we’re hosting a Community Night Out event on April 27th from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Bring the whole family and enjoy a  “Dive In Movie” (Finding Nemo) in our pool area.

The Night Out will feature a DJ, pizza, games, and tons of family-friendly fun. Children ages 5 – 15 are welcome to attend this event, which is open to the public. Children 10 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. Details and cost information are listed below. Remember to  call 609-654-1440 to register no later than April 20th.

In our fast-paced, modern world, it’s harder than ever for families to spend quality time together. Between school, extracurricular activities, and work schedules, parents are often crunched for time to connect with their children.

Finding time for exercise can be even more of a challenge. Today’s teens spend an increasing number of sedentary hours in front of screens. In fact, fewer than one in five adolescents gets an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day – the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization. Even young kids move too little. Preschoolers in a 2015 study published in the journal Pediatrics exercised only about 48 minutes per day!

Fortunately, parents can take simple steps to ensure all family members get the exercise their bodies need. Research suggests kids who exercise sleep better and perform better academically. In both kids and adults, physical activity can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Check out these ideas to keep your family connected and healthy:

Take a hike. – Head outdoors and go for a family walk. Research shows that kids who spend time in nature grow into happier adults. Fortunately for us, Medford is filled with beautiful places to walk, play, and experience the outdoors.

Try geocaching. If you’re struggling to get your kids outside, motivate them with a new hobby. Download an app for geocaching and work together to find geocaches near you – or hide your own box for others to find.

Move indoors when bad weather strikes. For a budget-friendly way to bond, take the whole family for a walk in the mall. Better yet, find a family-friendly gym with programs for kids and adults alike. Our pool here at Medford Fitness is great for a family swim.

Dance away your cabin fever. – Turn up the music, put on your dancin’ shoes, and have a family dance party.

Model healthy habits. – One of the best ways to encourage children to move is to be physically active yourself. Ensure you’re getting the exercise you need by committing to a regular fitness program.

Find a quality summer camp. – When school’s out, kids are more likely to veg out on the couch. Here at Medford Fitness, we’re now enrolling for our Fit N’ Fun Kids Camp, which runs in weekly sessions from June 24th – Aug 30th. Choose between half-days or full-days. Camp will feature a variety of fun fitness activities – including swimming. Get 50% off when you register by April 30th.

Come to our family-friendly Community Night Out event. This April 27th, Medford Fitness will host a Community Night Out from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. We’ll be hosting a “Dive In Movie” (Finding Nemo) in our pool area. This event will be open to the public and will also feature a DJ, pizza, games, and tons of family-friendly fun. Register by April 20th.

Exercising as a family will help you raise a stronger, more confident child. And your family just might grow a little closer in the process.

Register your kids for Fit N’ Fun Kids Camp by April 30th to receive a 50% discount.

Call Medford Fitness at 609-654-1440 to sign up for our Fit N’ Fun Kids Camp or register for our Community Night Out. Visit to learn more.

Want to get in shape? Buddy up. Friends can help you get fit and lose weight by providing
support through the shared joy of achieving a goal together.

Science-Backed Reasons to Exercise With a Friend:
In 2016, scientists at the University of Zurich divided study participants into two groups. Half of
the participants continued with their usual solitary exercise routines. The other half exercised
with a partner. Partners hit the gym more frequently than those who worked out alone.

The same study demonstrated the power of emotional support to maintain healthy fitness
habits. In fact, the emotional boost of a shared workout provided greater benefit than other
types of support, like a friend’s reminders to hit the gym. The takeaway? Choose a friend who
can encourage you to achieve your health goals or lend a sympathetic ear as you overcome
obstacles on your fitness journey together.

Connect Virtually When You Can’t Be Together.
Have trouble coordinating schedules with your gym buddy? Busy lives sometimes prevent us
from seeing friends as often as we’d like. Use your smartphone to connect with a friend even
when you can’t meet face-to-face. If your buddy can’t accompany you to the gym, find a way to
connect digitally and hold each other accountable – even if that connection just comes in the
form of a text message.

Boost Your Motivation With a Friendly Competition.
If you and your friend both own an Apple Watch, challenge yourselves to a friendly competition
with Apple’s built-in exercise app. Use your watch’s seven-day competition feature or just share
exercise stats to see who can rack up the most exercise minutes or calories burned. For more
motivation, agree on a reward ahead of time. For instance, the friend with the fewest total
exercise minutes at the end of the competition might treat the winner to a night out at the

Surround Yourself With Fitness-Minded Friends.
If your workout buddy has already been exercising for a while, a virtual competition can be even
more effective. While getting fit with a seasoned gym-goer might seem intimidating if you’re just
starting out, surrounding yourself with fit friends can motivate you to work harder.
Participants in a 2012 study at the University of Kansas worked out with a virtual partner on a
stationary bike. When they learned that their partners had beaten them in a virtual race,
participants increased both the intensity and duration of their workout by up to 200 percent!

Why Group Exercise Classes Can Be So Effective:
For some people, motivation comes not from working out with a partner but from the energy of a
group class. Taking part in a group exercise class offers more than just fun. Exercise groups
can also drive us to achieve our best selves.
Gyms that offer a variety of group fitness classes ensure that their members can find a workout
that they enjoy. A qualified group exercise instructor can help prevent injury while motivating
class-goers to push themselves harder.

Working Out Together Can Ease Loneliness!
Most importantly, working out with a friend or a group can offer a sense of belonging. A striking
2018 survey conducted by Cigna revealed that a whopping 50 percent of Americans report
feelings of loneliness. Increasingly, we spend more time in front of screens or inside a cubicle
than we do with our friends and family members.
Sadly, loneliness can take a significant toll on our psychological and physical health. Loneliness
has been linked to a wide range of disorders, including worsening symptoms of depression. One
recent study declared loneliness as harmful to our bodies as smoking 15 packs of cigarettes a
day! Each time you work out with a friend or loved one, you’re helping to combat the loneliness
that can be so detrimental to health.

Medford Fitness Offers a Variety of Group Classes!
This Valentine’s Day, give a friend, spouse, or relative the gift of health. Join the gym together
and come to a group exercise class where our friendly instructors can guide you on your path to
fitness. Our weekly class schedule includes: spinning, Zumba, yoga, pilates, Cardio Fusion,
Muscle MAXX, Aqua Fitness, and more.
Whatever your fitness level or goals are, chances are we have a class you’ll love. The best
part? More than 50 free classes are included with your membership. If you’re unsure which
class to take, give them all a try for no additional cost.

Every January, millions of well-intentioned people set New Year’s resolutions with the aim of
improving their health. Unfortunately, research has shown that resolutions fail about 75% of the
time. As time passes, we lose motivation, or work and family obligations get in the way of
achieving our goals.

Resolutions might have a high failure rate, but there are steps you can take to ensure you’re
one of the 25% of people who stick to them. Recent studies in the field of psychology continue
to unveil the secrets of successful goal setting.
Whatever your health resolution might be – to exercise more, lose weight, or eat better – use
these tips to keep your resolution in 2019.

Start early. With the new year comes a fresh start. Many people find that a new year motivates
them to begin new habits. Take advantage of the January motivation by taking action to achieve
your resolution right away. For most people, new routines become habits within about two
months. By beginning in January, you ensure a newer, healthier you by springtime.

Be realistic. Be honest with yourself. While goals should challenge you, set realistic
expectations. If you work a sedentary job and haven’t exercised in years, don’t pressure
yourself to run a six-minute mile within a couple of months. Consider personal obligations you
might need to prioritize over your resolution. If you’re trying to run a household on top of working
a full-time job, start small: you don’t need to hit the gym every day for hours at a time. Instead,
begin with a small goal you know you can achieve like visiting the gym for a half hour after work
three times a week or meditating for five minutes five nights a week. Once your new routine
becomes a habit, you can increase your goal to keep up the challenge.

Set specific, measurable goals. Before you begin working on your resolution, make sure
you’ve set a specific goal that includes an objective measure of success. Often, resolutions fail
because they’re too vague. If you want to “get fit” or “exercise more,” consider how you want to
define “fit” or “more.” Your improved resolution might look something like this: “run a
seven-minute mile”; “work out at the gym for one hour three times a week”; or “limit sugary
Starbucks purchases to once a week.”

Set small goals along the way. Once you’ve set a specific, measurable goal, consider
breaking your resolution down into even smaller steps. When you achieve smaller goals
throughout 2019, you’ll feel proud and motivated to continue toward that bigger goal. Let’s say
you want to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year. Start small by aiming to lose one to two
pounds each week. Baby steps will keep you motivated, and starting small can also benefit your
health. According to the CDC, research suggests that weight is more likely to stay off if you lose
it gradually.

Make your goal accessible. In his 2018 New York Times’s best-selling book, entrepreneur
James Clear explains the science of forming new habits and breaking bad ones. Atomic Habits
underscores the importance of making a goal easy and accessible. If you want to eat healthier,
choose one day a week to prep your vegetables so you can easily reach for them when hunger
cravings strike – and keep sweets out of the house. Aiming to lose weight? Keep your work desk
well-supplied with healthy, low-calorie snacks. If you want to workout, pack your gym bag before
you go to work so you’re not tempted to go home first and get distracted from your goal.

Reward yourself. In Atomic Habits, Clear recommends finding intrinsic motivation by paying
attention to the benefits you’re getting from working toward your goal. If you want to exercise
more, be mindful of the improved sleep that comes with working out – or the runner’s high you
get from hitting the trail. Or you might enjoy the increased energy you have from a healthier diet.
If you want to reward yourself further, try tracking your goals using a spreadsheet or calendar –
either on the computer or the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper. Every time you stick to
your goal, mark your achievement on the tracker. When you visualize your hard work, you’ll feel
motivated to continue.

Buddy up. People who workout with a friend exercise more often than those who go at it solo,
according to the results of a 2016 study. If you’re an extrovert, the benefits of teaming up may
be even more pronounced. Set goals together and hold each other accountable. Use your Apple
watch – if you own one – to challenge your friend to a friendly competition. Going to the gym will
help you achieve your fitness goals, and the increased social interaction may also boost your
mental well-being.

Be Your Own Friend. Most of us use kind, tactful language when speaking to a friend.
Unfortunately, we often forget to speak kindly to ourselves. While friends might encourage us,
our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Be mindful of the internal
dialogue you have about yourself, your abilities, and your body. Remind yourself that your goal
aims toward a healthier you, not an unattainably perfect physique. If you veer off your goal, get
yourself back on track – but remember not to punish yourself. Consider what you might say to
your best friend if he or she was feeling discouraged or made a mistake. Now say it to yourself.

Take the first step. Going to the gym for the first time – or the first time in a long time – can be
intimidating. That first step into a new environment can be the scariest. Rest assured: at
Medford Fitness, we’re here to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable.
Our friendly, professional personal training staff stands poised to help you achieve your goals.
Not sure if Medford Fitness is right for you? Take advantage of our limited-time offer for a free
21-day trial membership. No purchase is required, so you’ve got nothing to lose (except those
pesky holiday pounds).

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, sleep better, or just improve your health, we invite you to
contact us today by calling (609) 654-1440. Kickstart 2019 with our no-obligation, 21-day free
trial. Your New Year’s resolution just got one step closer to success.

A big shout out to our member Frank D’Ariano for the awesome progress he’s made in the last few months. Keep up the great work, Frank!


“Sue is my trainer at Medford Fitness. I need her because I haven’t been in a gym for 35 years until recently. Sue is a great teacher and coach. I’ve lost a few pounds in the past couple months, dropped some belt sizes, and I’m feeling stronger! I also have much neck and back pain.

Sue definitely challenges me during each workout. Sheena has been very helpful with her assessments, too.

The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is that you don’t have to do it alone. Working with a trainer and within a group has done wonders!”

New Year’s resolutions: a lot of people make them but not many keep them. Getting fit and losing weight are two of the most common goals people set as the new year approaches. Unfortunately, only about 8% of people reach the goals they set.


Why do so many people’s weight loss efforts fail?

These eight research findings from 2018 shed new light on weight loss – and how to make it stick:

To get rid of excess weight, exercise should be combined with dietary changes. We’ve all heard it before: when it comes to losing weight, diet and exercise are an inseparable duo. Now we have more evidence that a good diet coupled with a regular fitness routine is a surefire match for optimal weight loss. A recent meta-analysis, which examined eleven studies conducted on postmenopausal women, concluded that diet and exercise reduce body fat more than diet or exercise alone.

For older adults, exercise-induced weight loss can boost quality of life. Here’s another study that underscores the importance of combining diet with exercise. Researchers at Wake Forest University divided 249 older adults into three groups. Participants in the first group received only dietary counseling. The other two groups received dietary counseling and were also assigned to an exercise program: one did resistance training and the third group completed an aerobic exercise routine. Participants in the two exercise groups reported significantly greater improvements to their quality of life.

Strength training works. What do most people do when they go to the gym? They head straight for the treadmill or stair climber for a cardio fix. While aerobic exercise is vital to our health, resistance training can also lead to serious weight loss. A recent randomized trial studied the effects of resistance training and dietary intervention in young women. The results of the study suggest that resistance training – along with diet – can reduce body fat while increasing lean mass.

Watching what you eat is more important than watching how much you eat. Counting calories got you stressed? Breathe a sigh of relief: the quality of your diet might matter more than how many calories you ingest, according to the results of a study published earlier this year. If you don’t want the hassle of counting every calorie or measuring your portions, stick to unprocessed foods, reduce your sugar intake, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The boosts in emotional well-being that accompany exercise can aid weight loss. Getting active does more than just improve your physical health. Exercise benefits your mind too. A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that exercise leads to weight loss largely due to its positive effects on mood, self-regulation, and emotional health. Specifically, exercise reduced emotional eating in overweight women.

To lose weight, you might need more exercise than you think. In a study conducted at the University of Colorado, sedentary male and female participants needed to burn about 3,000 extra calories per week to lose weight. Study participants who burned 1,500 extra calories per week did not lose weight, and some even put on pounds throughout the course of the study – which lasted for twelve weeks. If 150 minutes a week of moderate activity – the minimum recommended by the Centers for Disease Control – isn’t helping you shed the pounds, you may need to increase the intensity or duration of your fitness routine.

For overweight kids, lifestyle changes trump genetics. Some kids may be genetically predisposed to carry extra weight. But all hope is not lost. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen studied the habits of 750 children. Based on the results of their study, the researchers concluded that diet and exercise still lead to weight loss – even when a child’s genetics make him or her more prone to obesity.

If you’re short on time, you might want to try high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Our busy lives can make exercise challenging, and a shortage of time is one of the most commonly cited reasons why people don’t workout enough. Fortunately, HIIT is not only quick but also highly effective. A small study carried out at the University of Scranton concluded that HIIT can bolster weight loss in postmenopausal women. Participants assigned to HIIT – which can be completed in short bursts – were more likely to stick to their exercise programs. HIIT also led to twice as much weight loss when compared to traditional endurance training.

Make Exercise a Priority in Your Life

If you’re committed to weight loss, it’s time to make exercise a priority for 2019. Some people are hesitant to make a long-term commitment if they aren’t sure if a gym is the right fit. That’s why it’s so important to find a fitness center that offers the option of a short-term program.

Whether you’re new to working out or just looking to get back into a fitness routine, Medford Fitness offers short-term programs for everyone. Our dedicated personal trainers can meet with you to assess your needs and then give you the training and motivation you need to reach your goals.

Join our Weight Loss Battle

To ensure your New Year’s resolution is a success, we invite you to join us this January for our Weight Loss Battle. Take part in this exciting fitness challenge – even if you’re not a member.

Space is limited, so call (609) 654-1440 today for details. The winner of the Battle will receive an Allegro Sport bike donated by Wheelies!

Ah, the holiday season. The scent of pine, the glow of twinkling lights, time spent laughing with
loved ones. Creamy mashed potatoes. Spiced pumpkin pie. Crisp Wine. Homebaked cookies. Oh, the cookies – irresistible, gooey, mouthwatering cookies.

And then there’s the weight gain – those pesky pounds that sneak up in December and overstay
their welcome through the New Year. It’s not in your imagination either. Holiday weight gain is real, and once the pounds arrive, they’re hard to shake.

In 2016, researchers from three countries – the United States, Finland, and France – tracked holiday weight gain in 2,924 participants using wireless scales. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, reported that participants gained a significant amount of weight in the ten days that followed Christmas as well as during other holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter.

For half of the participants, the additional weight persisted through summer.

Most people neglect healthy habits during the holiday season and then resolve to lose the pounds once the new year arrives. The result is a booming business for gyms during the month of January.

But what if there’s a better way? As with many health issues, prevention is the key to a healthy
physique. In the words of the researchers who studied holiday weight gain, “the less one gains, the less one then has to worry about trying to lose it.”

If you’re new to exercise, learning a new routine can be more challenging when the gym is crowded. To avoid the added stress of trying to locate equipment during the January rush, join
the gym in November or December before everyone else arrives.

In addition to weight loss, physical exercise can lower stress levels too. We all know how hectic the holidays can get. Shopping for everyone on your list, prepping your home for guests, and cooking to feed a crowd can be a lot to manage. Fortunately, by taking some time for aerobic exercise, you’ll be better able to handle whatever life throws your way.

By starting an exercise program before the holidays arrive, you can:
● kickstart your healthy exercise habit
● prevent weight gain during the holiday season
● beat the January gym crowds
● reduce holiday stress through exercise

Everyone deserves to relax and enjoy the holidays – and even to savor the tastes of the holiday season. You don’t need to crash diet or avoid treats altogether. As with any other time of the year, moderation – together with a healthy exercise routine – is key to healthy living during the holidays.

Our expert, friendly personal trainers here at Medford Fitness are ready to help you kickstart your fitness goals. Beat everyone else to the gym before the holidays arrive – and prevent weight gain before it starts. Whether you’re looking to prevent weight gain, lose weight, or just reduce your stress levels, reach out to one of our trainers by calling (609) 654-1440 today.

Teens gain a lot from being part of a team. Through sports, they learn the value of dedication, hard work, and determination. They learn to work together toward a common goal. Their active lifestyles also keep them healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, competitive sports are not without risk. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains and tears are two of the most common injuries for young athletes. A 2017 study found that over the past twenty years, the rate of ACL tears among children and teens has been increasing by approximately 2.3% each year. ACL injuries occur following certain movements common in sports. Sometimes they also result from a collision or hard land from a jump. Often, sufferers will hear an audible ‘pop’ at the time of injury. If your child is suspected of having an ACL injury, his or her doctor may perform an examination known as the Lachman test and order imaging. Usually, an ACL injury can be diagnosed using an x-ray, although occasionally an MRI may be needed for a more detailed view of the injury site. ACL injuries are assessed based on their severity, with Grade 1 being the most minor and Grade 3 being the most serious.

Symptoms of ACL injuries include:
● pain or discomfort
● swelling
● decreased range of motion
Sometimes, a minor ACL injury requires only conservative treatment and can resolve on its own with rest. Physical therapy can also help. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Treatment costs for an ACL injury can jump as high as $17,000 – 25,000 – per injury! To make matters worse, osteoarthritis frequently follows an ACL tear or sprain. Recovery from an ACL injury can require time away from school and can even lower a student’s grade point average. Young people who suffer an ACL injury are also at high risk of suffering another ACL tear or sprain.

While ACL injuries can be painful or keep teens away from the sports they love, parents are often relieved to hear there are ways to prevent them. On October 22 at 6:30 pm, Breakthru Physical Therapy will present a free ACL Injury Prevention Workshop at Medford Fitness. If you have a child between the ages of 12 and 18 who plays football, basketball, soccer, or field hockey, we invite you to join us for this informative event. Don’t risk it: prevent ACL injuries before they happen. Our experts will explain how to ensure your teen has the lowest possible risk for injury while staying championship strong. Hope to see you there!

Click here to register for this event!

Medford Fitness member Sarah has bravely offered to share her struggles and triumphs in her journey towards better health and weight loss. She hopes that her journey inspires others to embark on their own journey!

Ever since I was very young, I struggled with my weight and my body image. Then, once I had 2 children in just over 2 years, it felt like my body was ruined and would be a lost cause. I struggled emotionally and the mental obstacles that I had to overcome were always harder than the physical. I could never keep a healthy diet, and the thought of regular exercise intimidated me so much that I was scared to even do it.

When I moved to Medford in September 2017, I knew that this could be a new opportunity for a fresh start, and the geographical change may inspire me to make other changes that I had been longing for in myself. Living right down the street from Medford Fitness, I decided to get a membership in hopes that this commitment would get me to work out regularly. Unfortunately, this did not happen. It was not until May of 2018 when I spoke with Sheena Potts and enrolled in small group training that I finally found a workout regimen that was challenging, but not overwhelming. The motivation from Sheena and the other members of the class was empowering.

My goal at first was simply to feel better. About my body image as well as my health. And I was happy to start “feeling” better fairly quickly after starting my group classes. I attend the gym at least 4 days a week, and those days are hands down the best days of my week. After about a month I started to see the changes in my body and so did others around me. And progressively, as I started to lose more weight, trim down and tone, I began to really feel the overall changes.

In 5 months, I have lost 43 lbs and have gone down 3 waist sizes. Clothes that I never thought I would ever squeeze into are now too big one me! My family loves my renewed energy and focus and could not be more proud. I owe so much to Sheena and Medford Fitness and I am eternally grateful for helping me find the new me!

If you’re ready to exercise, change your workout, or hire a personal trainer, contact Medford Fitness located in Medford, New Jersey to learn more about our personal training gurus



If going to the gym for the first time scares you, you’re not alone. You walk in feeling like the new kid in class, bewildered by what you see. The unfamiliar machines look more like torture devices, and everyone else seems to have it all figured out. Whether you’re new to the gym or have years of athletic experience, you can probably benefit from meeting with a qualified personal trainer.


Starting any new exercise regimen can be intimidating. Even seasoned gym goers can feel confused or alone when beginning a routine or setting new goals. People who have been working out for years sometimes need to brush up on their form and return to the experts to finetune their routines.


A personal trainer will:

HELP PREVENT INJURY: When done correctly, exercise delivers benefits that can’t be beat – including improved mental health, better sleep, and greater self-confidence. Unfortunately, exercise can have a downside, which is its potential for injury. Fear not: a personal trainer can teach you how to work out safely, ensure you’re using proper form, and guide you toward appropriate exercises for your current skill level.


MAKE YOU FEEL AT HOME: Even the boldest among us can feel shy when walking into a new place filled with strangers. The good news is you don’t have to jump in alone. A personal trainer can help you feel acclimated to your new environment, guide you on a tour of the gym, and orient you to the equipment you’ll be using. During your first appointment, your trainer will also discuss any limitations you may have, including knee or back pain. He or she can help ease your transition into exercise.


HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE:When you only have yourself to answer to, it’s easy to make excuses for skipping your workout. You’re more likely to stick to an exercise plan when you know you have an appointment with a trainer. The right personal trainer does more than just teach – he or she will also motivate and inspire you to reach your goals. Meeting with a trainer once or twice a week will also condition you to a new habit of exercise you can continue once your sessions end. Some research even suggests that working with a personal trainer can positively affect the way you think about physical activity.


SET THE RIGHT GOALS: Speaking of goals, how do you know you’re setting the right ones?  A personal trainer can answer that question and help you set goals that are S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. A “S.M.A.R.T.” goal is achievable but challenging, and most importantly, goals are unique to everyone. Your trainer can assess your reasons for working out, while taking into account any health issues or limitations and adapt your workout goals accordingly.


WON’T BREAK THE BANK: Some people think of personal training as an expensive endeavor. Medford Fitness strives to make physical activity safe, fun, and affordable. All new members receive a free one-on-one fitness consultation with a personal trainer. For the month of July, we’re also offering two free personal training sessions for a limited time, no membership required


At Medford Fitness, our personal trainers are passionate about exercise and helping people reach their goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your health, or become a better athlete, reach out to one of our trainers by calling (609) 654-1440 for more information and to register for your two free personal training sessions.