Sarah’s Journey

Medford Fitness member Sarah has bravely offered to share her struggles and triumphs in her journey towards better health and weight loss. She hopes that her journey inspires others to embark on their own journey!

Ever since I was very young, I struggled with my weight and my body image. Then, once I had 2 children in just over 2 years, it felt like my body was ruined and would be a lost cause. I struggled emotionally and the mental obstacles that I had to overcome were always harder than the physical. I could never keep a healthy diet, and the thought of regular exercise intimidated me so much that I was scared to even do it.

When I moved to Medford in September 2017, I knew that this could be a new opportunity for a fresh start, and the geographical change may inspire me to make other changes that I had been longing for in myself. Living right down the street from Medford Fitness, I decided to get a membership in hopes that this commitment would get me to work out regularly. Unfortunately, this did not happen. It was not until May of 2018 when I spoke with Sheena Potts and enrolled in small group training that I finally found a workout regimen that was challenging, but not overwhelming. The motivation from Sheena and the other members of the class was empowering.

My goal at first was simply to feel better. About my body image as well as my health. And I was happy to start “feeling” better fairly quickly after starting my group classes. I attend the gym at least 4 days a week, and those days are hands down the best days of my week. After about a month I started to see the changes in my body and so did others around me. And progressively, as I started to lose more weight, trim down and tone, I began to really feel the overall changes.

In 5 months, I have lost 43 lbs and have gone down 3 waist sizes. Clothes that I never thought I would ever squeeze into are now too big one me! My family loves my renewed energy and focus and could not be more proud. I owe so much to Sheena and Medford Fitness and I am eternally grateful for helping me find the new me!